Cafe Game

You can play online with new players or even your friends, You can even chat with other online players

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Cafe Game

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Arka is a knowledge-based company based at Sharif Innovation Station, and has proudly developed successful products such as CafeGame, Pianist, Color Palette, Driver, QuizWars and Dots and Boxes. CafeGame is a multiplayer online game platform built with native technology that players must compete with other players, Gameplay is designed to enhance the level of intelligence, decision-making power and general knowledge of players. Arka has always tried to cover the tastes of different age groups (children, teens and youth) by producing different games.

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Online contests

Play at the same time with your friends in different games and join them all! You can now get the benefits and privileges that you face to face and use the special features you take against them

Playing with friends

Find new friends, Invite them to different games and score more! See what others are playing and find them

Special Awards

Be a lucky winner of our special prizes by participating in lotteries and competing in weekly competitions and leagues. You can win the PlayStation 4, Xbox, Laptop and Tablet, SIM Card Charge, Google Play Card and StyMet and have a lot of cool awards

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Cafe Game

Collection of online nostalgic games with awards for competitions!

You can play online with new players or even your friends and chat with others


Online and competitive game

Fluffia is a flourishing arcade, in a more precise sense, that could flourish the arcade devices, it would soon be in fandogh apps

Quick Maze

Quick Maze

Online and competitive game

In this game, there is a maze path that every player has to aim for. There are some items on the way that you can get back to it or make yourself stronger so you can finish the maze faster, soon in the fandogh apps

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